November 7, 2006

update 11.07


  1. You're totally right about all the hatred stuff. It's just flat out stupid. I don't agree with everything gay people do but I don't hate them and just because I don't agree with their lifestyle doesn't mean that they aren't good people. It takes different people to keep the world interesting. Life would really suck if everyone was the same as cliché as that sounds. Life is too short to be hating on people for stupid shit like that.

    Thanks for the updating. You're really good at posting frequently. I'll be back in the vlogging world after Christmas when I get a new camera hopefully. I already have one picked out.

  2. I liked the music playing in the background...
    was that pandora?? if so, what band did you as a station???

  3. New camera. Awesome :x

    ooh.. the music playing in the background is Bright Eyes.. I've never heard of Pandora.. I'll have to check them out.

  4. I see a lot of patients your age at the hospital and I hate to say it but they really, really REALLY make me worry about the future...

    ...but THIS post of your made me feel more hopeful.

    Your aunt doesn't hate you...she just doesn't understand you and has perhaps forgotten what it's like to be young and question everything. Or, perhaps she never questioned ANYTHING and she just believed everything that was fed to her. What is she fighting by protesting Wal-Mart? Her own fears. All bigotry is based on misplaced fear, I think.

    Tell her there are WAY better reasons to protest Wal-Mart!

  5. Hey- Drop me a line (chris at ). I'm thinking of throwing a party for videobloggers and media types in Atlanta on Dec 8th. I'm trying to connect with the video blog community there. Can you help?

    --Chris Brogan...
    Community Developer