May 18, 2012

embedded video transition

After I emailed a question this week, my account along with all my videos were deleted for copyright infringement. Although I was pretty upset when this happened, I have copies of all my vlogs, so after looking around for another video hosting site to upload them to, I settled on YouTube. While I will miss having links to download master copies of my videos, having them embedded directly on posts does make them easier to view, although I am still at risk of having them deleted on a whim.

In my rush to make the transition to YouTube I failed to save all of my vlog's original thumbnails but was able to recover all but seven of them, which isn't too much of a loss. I decided not to re-upload my first 30 vlogs out of embarrassment, so these posts contain their original thumbnails instead of embedded videos. I guess having all my vlogs deleted is a reminder that I need to focus on creating videos with all-original content, but this would alter the way I make them (which isn't necessarily a bad thing).

While there might not be much of a point in re-uploading videos that probably no one cares to see, I spent a lot of time and put a ton of passion and care into my video blogs, so I want them to stay available for anyone who might want to watch them. Although the future of my vlog remains unclear, I intend to keep my videos playable for as long as I can, for they, besides my memories, are the only reminders I have of things I am already starting to forget.