April 12, 2010

it's too bad

I wish I was still an avid poster of videos. I used to have my camera attached to my hand, however, it's been months since I've turned it on.

While I ride MARTA or am hanging out with friends, I still think silently to myself "that would make a great shot!," only now it never seems to get captured, let alone uploaded.

I am not quite sure what happened. Maybe it was the influx of online videos and the proliferation of YouTube, the "everyone is doing it, so it's not cool anymore" phenomenon that made me quit capturing my precious video clips.

I managed to ostracize myself from the vlogging community, and I am certainly regretful of that. I am sorry to my (as of now nine) subscribers, and mostly to myself. I got out of the habit of recording small segments of my life and sharing them with you all, and I doubt I will ever be able to resurrect this video blog to its former "glory."

I am pursuing a degree in Film and Video at Georgia State University, however, it seems to be sucking from me all of my video-making passion, my urge to find that one-of-a-kind camera angle, that rush I used to get when I would share unique never-before-seen occurrences.

I am blaming a university, when I should be blaming myself. I let that thrill die, that fragile spark disappear. I hope that I can somehow get that back, for if not, I have lost an innate part of my being, one that I would be saddened to see, after all these posts, vanish.