December 24, 2008

fragmented lives

Final project for video production 1.

Music: Here by Pavement

October 8, 2008

sam's town

This is from a trip on Labor Day weekend. I've had it done since around that time but for some reason the sound was way off after I saved the video but I finally got everything working right.

Music: Oh Little Brain by Peaceblaster

July 2, 2008

update 7-02

June 13, 2008

hilton head

This video is from a little summer trip to Hilton Head Island. I don't know, I hope it turned out good- I think something that messed me up was that I was just taking videos instead of thinking of the end result, or something like that. I tried to be really careful with the level of sounds in the videos so they wouldn't cover up the song.

Music: Through My Sails by Neil Young

April 14, 2008

atlanta tornado

This video has been in the works for a little bit, the tornado was a little while ago and things are pretty much back to how they were before. The tornado made me think about the movie Koyaanisqatsi: "life out of balance", which inspired the music by Philip Glass.

Music: Offering by Philip Glass

January 6, 2008


Music: Burger Queen by Placebo