June 13, 2008

hilton head

This video is from a little summer trip to Hilton Head Island. I don't know, I hope it turned out good- I think something that messed me up was that I was just taking videos instead of thinking of the end result, or something like that. I tried to be really careful with the level of sounds in the videos so they wouldn't cover up the song.

Music: Through My Sails by Neil Young


  1. Another great travelogue! I think they’re becoming your specialty. The Neil Young song adds a really nice atmosphere to the video. Good job!

  2. Thanks Michael! yes I don't know what it is but travel videos are nice, I guess its because its stuff you don't normally see and it all looks so recordable and its fresh... or something

    I really like that song in the video too, I tried another song but it just didn't work, I think a kind of laid back song works with the video more so than one that is kind of more upbeat.