March 30, 2006

39 days

It's been 39 days since my last Vlog post (well, today 40, but yesterday when I filmed this it was 39) but forget about the numbers. No one should ever neglect their vlog like that! That is just plain wrong! Wrong, wrong, wrong! I feel so bad. Look what happens when you don't post in your vlog- you go insane. Now, I admit, some (well, most) of the stuff in that video (ok, all) was made up and not true.... but, this could happen if you don't post regularly in your vlog (or anyone for that matter). So, watch, and remember- this could be me one day. Ok, no. Probally not. No. You never want to end up like that. Just stay regular, ok, promise me. You'll stay regular. Whatever that means. Ok. I'm totally lost. What was I talking about? Forget it. Just watch the damn post.

I look very very bad in this post! Anyway, just remember, It's made up. It's not real. Remember. I tried to make myself seem ugly, discutsting and insane, but I'm not. Ok. Just wanted to clear that up...