December 26, 2006

blah blah! it's christmas

The final xmas vlog! (Yet more of) xmas eve; also included are xmas morning and xmas evening. Christmas is way over-rated :p

It took me awhile to figure out what song to use; Christmas music was an obvious choice, but I think it's very annoying. I can't stand it! I wanted something not too cheery, but not too sad. I stumbled upon this, and I thought it fit the mood perfectly :x

Hopefully this isn't too boring, I know Christmas footage can be tedious to watch.. I tried to trim the tree.. well.. the video.. pun intended.. that wasn't very funny... but.. ho ho ho. Oh well...

The end is a little weird ;]

Music: Cosy In The Rocket by Psapp.

December 24, 2006


xmas eve

Happy Holidays!

December 16, 2006

friday night

Music: The House Wins by OK Go.

December 7, 2006


Yoda and pandas rockk.

Music: Panda Panda Panda by Deerhoof.

December 4, 2006

16th birthday

Today was my birthday.

And I just realized this is my 100th videoblog!

Thanks, Evan for your birthday video! And Renovating Michael and Chuck for your emails!

Music: Birthday by the Broken Spindles.