December 16, 2006

friday night

Music: The House Wins by OK Go.


  1. That was awesome!!!!
    I wish I could turn my boring nights into such fun times and great vlog posts. That rocked!! Great ideas and fun ways to pass the time. Getting dizzy made me laugh out loud. Taking tylenol that wasn't too cool but everything else was great!!!

  2. the whole tylenol thing was pretty stupid of me; it actually made me feel more dizzy and worse :[

    thanks for watching, and glad you enjoyed the video :D

  3. Pretend I'm a Robot...classic. This was great. How could you be bored if you were making such a funny video. You must have left out 'Edit a Video' from your nightly activities.

  4. Great vlog Will, I am sitting here on Saturday night trying to figure out new desktop configurations, well not my windows desktop but my actual desk, it always feels uncomfortable and I cant seem to find a good way to get settled.....sigh, life has many tribulatios, many not worth while fighting...

  5. Excellent vlog. Great song. It felt like it was right out of an ’80 teen movie by John Hughes.

  6. Man.. I believe your Friday night was more exciting than mine.. atleast you got to make a vlog post out of it :)

  7. will this vlog was GREAT! totally great!

    and if it makes you feel any better last (saturday) night, i put on makeup and played with photo booth after i got totally sick of organizing! i tried to make myself look like anime/harijuku, but my siblings told me i looked like a possessed clown. NOT exactly exciting!

    i need to get some videos posted!

  8. evan
    haha...yes.. i left out the video editing part :[

    i didnt know if i should put it in.. i should have :[

    very observant : )

    thanks xD

    popcicle box
    i know what you mean... my desk setup always feels awkward;.. great advice

    renovating michael
    john hughes? wow lol
    i love those movies...Home Alone is a classic :p

    wow! thankss!!! :x

    chris daniel
    good point.. lol

    thanks :c

    thanks youu!! :x

    lmao.... sounds exciting lmao posessed clown "]

    aww, sounds cool :x

    sorry it took me so long to respond :[
    i'm a bad videoblogger :[