December 4, 2006

16th birthday

Today was my birthday.

And I just realized this is my 100th videoblog!

Thanks, Evan for your birthday video! And Renovating Michael and Chuck for your emails!

Music: Birthday by the Broken Spindles.


  1. Will, this is about the best video ever. You remind me of every guy I loved in high school, and I mean that as a fantastic compliment. Happy birthday AND happy anniversary! Wacky stuff DOES happen to you every day - sometimes you just have to watch closely for it :)

  2. You shouldn’t have had to buy your own cake!!! :-(

  3. Happy belated birthday, Will.
    Kinda stinks that you had to buy your own cake, but stinks even more they didn't have the cake that was your favorite.
    I liked the editing you did in the middle and use of music.

  4. haha killer b thankks! yes, sometimes i suppose you do have to look harrd.

    buying your own birthday cake does kind of stinkk.

    thanks anthony ! :s

  5. Hey Will. Forget Star Wars and Star Trek. Battlestar Galactica has to be the best show of all time. I started watching it because Kevin Rose suggested it on Diggnation and he was completely right. It's freaking awesome. I watched 40 episodes in less than a month.

    Season 1 torrent:

    Or if you don't wanna download a whole season go to and type in BSG 1x01, 1x02 etc and see if you like it.


  7. Wow, I commented on the wrong video. Those comments are meant for your newer post.

  8. thanks Evan.. checked out the show on dailymotion and really like it.. I'm going to download the first season

    so much better than star trek, star wars and all of that crap!!!