November 29, 2007


Black Friday shopping at Kmart and then Good Will and Target on Saturday. Ooh yeah, holiday time shopping!

I have kind of been posting a few more videos than I normally do and soon will have my "educational puppet concept" video up or something like that lol. This has been finished for a couple days, I hope I'm not posting too many videos at a time.


During Thanksgiving break we drove to Tampa, didn't get to do anything really except stop at truck stops but it was neat to get to visit another state for a little bit.

(Some) truck stops have good food, I'd recommend the cheese sticks or pancakes!

November 10, 2007

medieval times

Medieval Times field trip- the bus ride, the entrance, the dinner show. They gave us vegetable soup, garlic bread, a chicken, half a potato, a rib, a cookie and 2 rounds of (very medieval) Pepsi. The show was pretty well rehearsed, I was a little quiet during it though and at one point felt sorry for all the animals having to perform but they seem to treat them well.

It would be neat to go back sometime but tickets are pretty expensive, I think around $47.50 for adults depending on which "castle".

November 7, 2007

update 11-07

My first official update since one year ago today. I really forgot how much I enjoyed doing these and hope this isn't too long!