February 18, 2006

casi and wit

Whitney (10), my sister (the red head) and Cassi (12), my cousin (the other one) star in this real-life video of them preparing to go nextdoor to grandma's house to spend the night (something they do quite frequently). Although most of the content in the video is sutable for children, toward the end Cassi starts a stream of cussing and Whitney follows along (viewer discretion advised). Don't Cassi and Whitney get along great? I sure think so...

Music: Failing Digits by aerosolspray.

a trip to the mall

In this synergy of audio, video and photos, you're able to see the drive, the stores and ...um.... thats about it. (This was actually shot at three malls: the Mall of Georgia, Discovery Mills and Georgia Square mall.) Just in case you were wondering, that creepy little mokey in the video is available at The Sharper Image for only $149.95 (yeah right!).

Music: open_source_C by duncan_beattie.

February 17, 2006

pep rally

I think pep ralleys are lame. But, edited down, pep ralleys arent too bad (they're still bad). This one in particular was to "get our school crunk for the girl's state basketball tournament" being held the following day in the gym. Do you think our pep ralleys are lame? Watch this abbreviated presentation our pep ralley and decide for yourself- be sure to leave your comments!

February 8, 2006

aint no

I was listening to this song Wednesday morning around 1:49 and just couldn't stop listening too it... this is a fairly good song that gets me out of my chair (literally) and singing. Get ready for "my solo debut"!

Music: Ain't no Mountain High Enough by Michael McDonald.

hair lick

See the "meaning of being lonely"- just watch this post. I was sitting quietly on the couch watching TV (I think it was the 10 o' clock news) and all of a sudden the cat jumps up and starts licking my hair. I found this odd and discusting. Although it was extremely gross, I didn't stop the cat; I just thought it was too weird... it doesn't get any more weird than this.

Music: Show Me The Meaning of Being Lonely by the Backstreet Boys.

med fast parking lot

In this protest against Med Fast, I act caotic in the parking lot. What am I protesting you may ask? Well, they charge $25 to retrieve your medical records... doctor's offices medical records arent that big of a deal- just throw a couple of sheets of paper in the copier and copy. Whats the $25 for? The paper for the copies would only cost about $.15, the ink maybe $.20. Why do they need to charge $25? Probally cause they know people will eventually need to retain their records and will be willing to pay for them. What a**holes!

Feel free to call them if you have any medical "emergencies" or need any other assistance. I'm sure they'll be happy to help you out with whatever you may need! 770-554-5533