October 23, 2006

rainy sunday

Music: Hooray by Minus the Bear.

October 19, 2006

update 10.18

October 13, 2006

four wheeler

My aunt gave my dad a four wheeler, and today was the first time I took it out on my own. I don't really like going fast; I think it's just nice to "get away".

It was great until it broke down... then I had to walk a quarter of a mile back home. I'm blaming it on Friday the 13th, but it was actually because I'm not that good of a driver :(

Music: Sé Lest by Sigur Rós.

October 10, 2006


Today felt weird.

October 9, 2006

iMac!! part 2

I love iMac!

Music: You Sexy Thing by Hot Chocolate.

October 6, 2006