October 19, 2006

update 10.18


  1. I felt like that for most of Middle School. Thankfully I found friends that I can be myself with and not give a shit about fitting in. Once you find people like that you just know that you have your friends and you can have fun with them and belong to a group and not care what the other people outside your friends think. I sort of have the outlook now that if you don't like me, that's tough shit cause I don't care. Those who like me like me and those who don't don't and I don't give a shit about the ones that don't. School sucks major ass but you always know that there's vlogging to come home to. Just be yourself and try to find the people who like you for that. I know that that's easier said than done and this sounds generic but it's true. Just call some person you like randomly and ask them to hang out. Chances are that they won't think anything of it and will have a good time and become a friend.


  2. You're going to do what on the 21? Bad link?

    I am sorry to laugh but the tape on your mouth was sidesplittingly funny and out of nowhere.

    I can't watch my older videos either, they are very long and boring. But with vlogging comes new storytelling skills, I'm constantly learning what does and doesn't work.

  3. Hi Will...

    So much I want to say here, so I'm glad Evan already typed you a novel. ;) Actually, he did a really wonderful job of saying a lot of what I wanted to place here in this comment box.

    Sometimes it's so hard to find your niche, but video blogging is an AMAZING outlet. And I know it seems so "sci-fi", but the community here actually becomes something you can depend on. It's a lot of fun and a great way to get things out to objective listeners/watchers when you feel like no one around you is the right/easiest person to communicate with.

    I haven't been vlogging very long, but I HATE my old posts! They are dreadful. Luckily, viewers usually grant you much grace and it's really fun to see how we all evolve.

    I've learned that, if nothing else, this is an incredible way to be introspective and bring myself closer to being the best human I can be.

    *To thine own self be true.*

    I plan on staying posted. :)