October 23, 2006

rainy sunday

Music: Hooray by Minus the Bear.


  1. Good job editing. Maybe I only think it's better because I expect it now that you switched to iMovie. Regardless, good job.

    Evan (http://e-vlog.blogspot.com)

  2. Fun! I love theme parks, and as long as you're not sick, they're better in the rain (hardly any lines). We live about an hour away from Carowinds, so we go all the time. Looks like you had a fun, and full day!

  3. haha nice video! I love theme parks too especially 6Flags!

    Did you know that the band MEW is coming to Atlanta? They're an awesome band, and they are playing at THE EARL on the 30th! You should definitely check out their music!


  4. Thanks Evan... I spent a lot of time editing it. And I think it would of came out totally different had I used WMM.

    Thanks Erin. Yes. It was alot of fun. We stayed until they closed. The lines were short!!

    Haha thanks anna. I've never heard of MEW. I'll definitively have to check them out! Thanks :P

  5. Oh... lol

    Mew is on the sidebar lol

    I just realized that XD

  6. Nice editing. It must be nice using iMovie.