October 6, 2006



  1. WoooHoo! Congratulations, Will!!

    I think every one of us who struggles with Windows problems and the relative crappiness of Windows Movie Maker secretly thinks about moving to an iMac.

    I’m sure there will be some confusion and frustration as you learn a new system, but I hope it will be better in the end.

    Please share your experience with the iMac.

    Who knows, maybe my next PC won’t be a PC?!

  2. Congrats! And what a coincidence! I just posted a vlog episode about me buying my new 20" iMac. You will love using a mac. iMovie is great, too.

    Have fun this weekend and don't forget the new built-in video camera that will allow you to video conference and create "instant" vlogs!

    Chuck's Vlog

  3. Michael

    I'll be sure to post about it :D

    It is a little confussing... but I think I'm getting better : /

    Thanks : )


    I didn't realize how bad Windows Movie Maker really was until i opened up iMovie :p

    I still have to figure out how to use the iSight : )

    Thanks, Chuck


    You were one of the few PC vloggers out there. ARG! Oh well. I hope you enjoy your new Mac. I upgraded recently to a better PC and am enjoying it. The plus side is that you won't have to worry about all of those converters and whatnot anymore. Imovie is the shit from what I've heard as well. Enjoy your new computer and vlog more! (I know I'm a COMPLETE hypocrite)

    Evan (http://e-vlog.blogspot.com)

  5. Oh.. sorry Evan : (

    Yeah.. iMovie is pretty nice :D

    Nope. No more Videora iPod converter :P !!!!

    New computers are great!!!!

  6. Welcome to The Other Side! Imovie is pretty handy and I like it, but I don't have anything to compare it to (except Final Cut which I don't understand at all...still can't figure it out).

    Enjoy the new computer!

  7. Thanks missbhavens!

    iMovie is amazing! It is very easy to use and it allows you to do so much more than Windows Movie Maker.

    I like being on the other side :D