October 13, 2006

four wheeler

My aunt gave my dad a four wheeler, and today was the first time I took it out on my own. I don't really like going fast; I think it's just nice to "get away".

It was great until it broke down... then I had to walk a quarter of a mile back home. I'm blaming it on Friday the 13th, but it was actually because I'm not that good of a driver :(

Music: Sé Lest by Sigur Rós.


  1. What a beautiful place to get away to.

    Really great creative vlog!

    (Just be careful riding with one hand!!)

  2. That sucks. I was stuck in the middle of the lake on a broken jetski this summer. That type of stuff just tend to break down.

  3. Thanks, Michael.

    Yes, it was very hard to control the 4 wheeler with one hand!!!

    In the middle of a lake? That really stinks! Yeah... that stuff is always breaking down :(

  4. Wow, is that your back yard? Gorgeous! Too bad it broke down but walking is nicer anyways.

    (watch out with that 1 handed driving...those things flip over all the time...)

  5. It's not my backyard, it's on 90 or so acres my grandmother and aunt/uncle/dad have on the same road that I live on (it was inherited... or something along those lines)

    Yeah.. I'm always scared of going too fast and flippping over or something. I tried not to do too much vlogging while I was driving :D

  6. Beautiful coutryside.
    Thanks for bringing us along.