November 7, 2007

update 11-07

My first official update since one year ago today. I really forgot how much I enjoyed doing these and hope this isn't too long!


  1. Field trips to Wal-Mart and Medieval Times? What happened to educational field trips to the Aquarium or Science Centre?! :-\

    I can’t wait to see a video featuring your new blue fury friend. :]

  2. it is a good sweater
    nice puppet
    glad you are still posting

  3. Can't wait to see what you do with FCP. It can be fun!

  4. You support Michael Moore? Sigh. You should watch his "documentary" on North Dakota some time. There is an excellent scene where in order to get to the capital they walked strait through snow banks to make us look bad rather than use um...the sidewalk.

    Thanks for the update.