November 12, 2006

crapp [2 long post in less than 5 days]

Topics discussed: corrupted files, videoblogging, old VHS camera, corporate profits, video views, commenting... ..


  1. Ya. Losing files can really suck. I lost about 6 months worth of photos one time when my computer crashed. My new computer completely crashed and I had to reinstall windows again yesterday. All because of an ipod. There must be something wrong with how ipods work cause it did that with my last computer. Now I'm ranting though.

    Thanks for the update,
    Evan (

  2. Oww. I've had to reinstall Windows before on my old laptop when the stupid hard drive crashed (happened twice) and lost all of my files (but I was like 12 then and didn't really have anything XD lol).

    Ahh.. but reinstalling Windows sucks ass.

  3. I can relate to your data loss. I live in fear that I’ll lose something important. I even do backups (which most geeks are notoriously bad at doing). Of course that doesn’t help if you can’t get the data off your camera.

    Sorry about your loss!

  4. I've tried backups before lol

    They are kind of hard

    I'm always scared my hard drive will go out one day and I'll loose all my files..

    I found this neat little thing that tells me my hard drive health in the little task bar (I think that's what you call it..)

    Yeah. I don't know how to do backups, though lol