November 20, 2006

arr tired


  1. I used my same DXG camera but I made it black and white both for dramatic effect and to get rid of the redness.

    Evan (

  2. You look horrible, go to bed! Wait...I look horrible too. It's 5 AM. I've been fighting with Second Life all early morning trying to make it work....I LOOK LIKE YOU! ARRRG TIRED!

  3. 7:30? Thats when I usually go to sleep, lol.

  4. michael - lol i tried second life.. kept crashing on my imac, though :[ ... ill have to try installing it again sometime; go to sleep!! lol

    eric - i wish i could go to sleep at that time everyday lol

    that sounds awesome !! :]

  5. Blip rocks!
    All nighters they rock too...well sometimes they do.
    Blip rocks more than all nighters though. Well that is maybe unless you spend all night watching