September 2, 2006


Last night I was thinking it would be cool to walk to the end of the road... not for any real reason... I guess it was this impulse... so, this morning, I did.

Music: A Perfect Sonnet by Bright Eyes.


  1. It’s funny how lots of us “city folk” fantasize about living in the country. Several episodes of your vlog (including this one) demonstrate just how isolating rural living can be.

    I hope you get yourself involved in some extracurricular activities at school. Maybe start a vlogger club?! :D

  2. Yes. It can be very lonely out here :/

    Ooh.. a vlogger club sounds cool!!!! :D

  3. I like how random your videos are. If more vloggers would just record random stuff and edit it well like you do,I'd have a lot more videos to entertain me.

  4. Thanks Evan!

    Your comment made my day :P