September 3, 2006


The highlight of my Saturday night: playing Uno at my aunt's house. I feel like such a loser.

Music: The 15th by Fischerspooner.


  1. Trust me, almost every 15 year-old feels like a looser sometimes (yes, even the popular ones).

    Try to stay positive. Just think – in a few short years you’ll be spreading your wings and soaring off to a new chapter in your life (Maybe collage? Maybe becoming a hobo and riding the rails? ;-)

    Being a teenager can be depressing, but at least it doesn’t last forever.

    There’s a really big world of possibilities out there waiting for you.

  2. Thanks, Michael

    I don't feel like such a loser now ;P

  3. Oh, and I forgot to mention - I'd never heard of Fischerspooner before, but I like that song (kind of an '80s sound). I did a search for their web site and they have some fantastic videos!

    Thanks for using that song.

  4. It's funny you mention them... I had never heard of them, either until I watched this post from Ryanne's Video Blog.

    So, we both found Fischerspooner from watching a vlog :D

    I thought that was kind of interesting.

  5. Will, I love this little Uno video, and I'll tell you why:

    I have a couple of half-sisters but we weren't raised in the same house, so I was pretty much an only child. If I could have spent a Saturday night (even a priceless, teenaged Saturday night) sitting around the kitchen table playing cards with a bunch of family member of all ages I would have been estatic! I'm serious!

    This video is great because it's such a cool slice-of life. It's delightful to watch because it is so very, very different from my life and it's real and it's fresh.

    Nice job. You're no loser! Some Saturday nights were meant to be mellow.

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  7. I enjoyed all the activity going on in the background.

  8. Haha... yes. I found some of that to be amusing as well, such as my grandmother with the remotes, etc :p