September 10, 2006

update 9.9.06


  1. Hey Will, this your second shoplifting confession vlog that I’ve seen. You’re a very creative and interesting guy, but this stealing thing isn’t cool. :-(

  2. I HATE pep rallys. They piss me off rather than fill me with school spirit. And to believe that they actually take time out of a school day for that B.S. Homecoming is in a couple of weeks for me so I'm going to have an entire week of peppy! Yay for me!

    If you're gonna steal music, don't steal the CD. That's actually taking money from the artist who made the CD. If you want a free CD use or and though you won't be helping the artist, you won't be hurting them either.

    Evan (

  3. Michael

    I'm going to try and stop stealing. I know it's wrong, but I don't know :[

    I really havent stolen that much stuff..


    I really hate pep rallies too. I have no school spirit. Euch!

    I didn't know that that actually took money from the artists... I thought WalMart would be the only one losing money...