September 25, 2006

monday night


  1. Oh boy Will, you need some protein in your diet! ...and some iron! Maybe you wouldn’t feel so lethargic?

    If you choose not to eat meat, there are still some decent vegetarian options for getting some of the important nutrients that normally come in meat.

    I occasionally use soy-based simulated meat products like meatless sausages in omlettes or fake beef strips for stir frying. Some are crap, but some are pretty good, and they’re a low fat source of protein and iron.

    I do eat meat as well. After all, if man were not meant to eat beef, cows wouldn’t be so easy to catch! ;-)

  2. That's basically what my Monday night is like. Mine just includes a little more cursing under my breath at how retarded the german language is. You looked tired. Caffeine is the trick just mix 1/8 tsp. in with any drink and it's all good.

    Evan (


  4. Michael, I suppose I could use some protein! I eat 2 granola bars as my lunch every day at school and they have about 10g of protein each, but thats about all I get in a day.

    Evan, I like the caffeine drink mix. That stuff looks good :p