August 13, 2007


This trip actually took place before Chicago (at the beginning of June), I think I tried putting this off because there really wasn't much going on during the trip, all I really saw was the hotel room.. but I tried out a few effects, it actually didn't turn out how I expected (but things never do).

Even though this was only two months ago, I was looking back when I was editing like "I don't remember that!" Ahh... how things slip slip our minds.

Music: Rapture Rapes the Muses (DJ Dave P. and Adam Sparkles Making Time Remix) by Of Montreal

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  1. Since you went to Miami and never made it to the beach, the mushrooms are almost a metaphor for this trip (they grow in the dark).

    It’s great how you can take a whole pile ‘o nothin’ and make it into something watchable.

    Funny – I also watch Myth Busters and Little People Big World. :-)