July 12, 2007


Chicago is a great city, all the people! I really enjoyed riding on the subway, watching everyone get to their destinations. We were gone for a little over a week and I took about 400 small video clips, some of the things included are the Sears Tower, the Chicago subway, a Chicago Fire game, a White Sox game, downtown Chicago, the Apple Store Chicago and many other little stops.

Music: Chicago by Sufjan Stevens


  1. Great video, Will!

    What a creative use of so many very short clips. It must have taken ages to put them all together!!

    …and the music couldn’t be better.

  2. Thanks, Michael!

    I had pictured the song in my head going along the video clips during the trip and knew I had to use that song while I was listening to it on the subway, it went very nicely.

    I've been working on it on and off the past couple days and still have to make the Miami video lol.

  3. Hey. Sweet video. Hope you had a good trip. How do you even see! Your hair is so long!


  4. Hey Evan, the hair is part of Will’s long time dream to play “Cousin It” in the next remake of the Adams Family.


  5. Terrific use of short clips, Will. And that's one of my favorite songs, too. It's a perfect choice.

    I've never been to Chicago; but now I sort of feel like I have!

  6. Another great vid! I think you make some of the best "travel" vlogs on the net!

  7. Man what a great video I was feeling really bad today and your video made me feel better thanks. Funny how smiles are found in the strangest place I found mine today in your video. You rock keep up the great work.