August 21, 2006

update 8.21.06

A new phone and a bracelet confession.


  1. I know how to get ringtones on the razr because I have one but the software that verison puts on their phones blocks you from doing it because verison wants you to pay for their tones. You can mod your phone to allow transfer but I don't know how. If you do get the normal Razr software on or at least get the verison blocks off, you can use software called Motorola Phone tools. It'll install all of the drivers you need and will allow you to transfer pictures,tones,and video to and from your phone.

    Evan (

  2. Oh and you can get Motorola Phone tools at via bittorrent. Or you can pay 50 bucks or so and get it from Motorola.

  3. Thanks Evan!
    I almost have it figured out... well, kindof. Those blocks are messing me up!

    Yeah... I was reading in forums and stuff how Verizon had this monopoly by how they try and block everything to get you to pay $2.49 for a ring tone and $7.49 a month for Pac Man.

    Stupid Verizon for making it hard to download anything to your phone : (