August 6, 2006

lonely homework weekend

Homework rant. Fun, fun, fun.


  1. "It's lonely and there's a lot more homework" pretty much sums up the tenth grade for everyone who has ever been through tenth grade. it'll get better.

    Never let it be said that I told you not to do your homework, but I totally agree with you that copying stuff out of a text book into little boxes for an assignment is pretty stupid. I see that piling busywork onto high school students has increased over the years. That stinks. I wish I could tell you that it stops, but it doesn't. It can bleed all the way to grad school. I took a couple of Master's classes while in nursing school and I was appalled when my teachers would hand out 20 pages of Powerpoint printouts and then spend the next three hours reading them out loud to us even though we had them in our hands AND we could read it off the projection. And school was expensive!!! A hundred pages of reading to be done in two days with an 8 page assignment on top of it is too much considering how many other classes you must have dishing out similar amounts of work. It always amazes me that teachers don't seem to take this into consideration. Teachers and administrators always seem to be in meetings...what on Earth do they talk about if not issues like this?

    That being said, you are kind of stuck in terms of the lame homework. It simply has to be done. High School is the absolute bear minimum to get by in the US. Bare minimum.

  2. The Powerpoint printout lecture sounds herrible!

    I totally get what your saying.