April 28, 2006

just visiting

When I filmed this video, we had visitors- my mom's friend and her 2 children (one who's name is Ethan... he's the wild and crazy 5 year old, and one who's name is Racheal... she's the girl sitting on the left... she's Ethan's sister) were visiting us from out of state. The video is kind of long, so let me give you a summary of what happens: we drive to the Chinese restaurant, we eat there, we drive to the movie theatre, we see a movie (The Benchwarmers), we drive home, they (the visitors) stay there for a while, then they leave. That's what happens. That's all there is to it... (don't worry, the video is better than is sounds)!

Oh... also in this video, I unveal the new starting/ ending sequence (much better than the old one!)... I don't know how long I'll keep this one... I kept the last one for 25 post... maybe I'll keep this one for 25, then change it after I reach 50 post..... I dunno.... it all just depends... oh yeah... be sure to leave your comments on the new sequence and the post..... if you want....

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