April 16, 2006

fat-free mish-mash

Mmmm.... fat-free mish-mash! Yum! I had a ton of video files on my desktop that wern't quite worthy of their own vlog post, so, I picked the best clips from each of these videos, mixed them up, and put them all into one power packed, fat-free video- it's mish-mashed fun! This post took me like over 2 1/2 hours to edit- so I hope you like it : )

As for the adult content.... there is none (except for a little cussing from my grandmother). The adult content thing with the dogs is more of a joke.... just watch it....you'll see!

Also, just in case your wondering, the title is just something I came up with while editing this thing. It sounded kind of neat, so I said, hey, why not use it? So, I did, and fat-free mish-mash was born.

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