September 29, 2007

halo 3 release

Went with Brian and my little brother to the release of Halo 3 at the Loganville GameStop.


  1. ...and you stayed up the rest of the night playing Halo 3?


    I like the new banner pic.

  2. We were going to stay up but right when we got back, Brian's Xbox broke and had to be sent into Microsoft so we wern't able to play until the next day at our house.

    Very ironic! lol We were planning on staying up but went to bed because of the break.

    Thanks, I'm trying to find a newer one to replace the old Kermit one :D

  3. One of my friends is obsessed with the halo franchise. He bought all 3 versions of halo 3 and a halo 3 edition xbox 360 even though he already had a 360! Is halo 3 good? I'm been stuck on the world of warcraft so i haven't played it. BTW,you should get WoW. It's awesome.

  4. Hey Evan! Halo 3 is ok, really short it seems though my brother beat it in a couple days, I think the thing that he and my friend like the most is the online play.

    I've heard about World of Warcraft, it looks really nice I've played Runescape, it seems a little like that lol except much greater graphics. I'll try to search around and find it online, maybe a demo it looks like a really great game!