February 14, 2007

i hate valentine's day

I got some chocolate so I could destroy it on my Valentine-less Valentine's Day. The original plan was to light the box on fire, but that didn't exactly work out lol.. so I had to settle for ripping the box apart.

Music: Your Heart Is An Empty Room by Death Cab For Cutie


  1. I know just how you feel!


    Great, creative way to express it!

  2. Those boxes seem like they would be pretty flammable. Maybe try a bonfire like the one I had for new years?

    I don't really hate valentine's day, even though I never really get anything. I got fun dip this year, and how can you go wrong with fun dip?

  3. You have a problem with things, because you stress to hard over them. You take something so simple and turn it hard! Why?

  4. Ahh! An anonymous comment lol

    I can kind of see where your coming from. I'll try to relax more and not be so hard on stuff, like it can seem like I can be at times.

    At least you didn't cuss me out or anything. When I saw anonymous, I got worried... but you seem to have good advice, even though your hiding your identity :c

  5. I'm a long time Valentine's Day hater, myself. I have a tradition that goes back about 8 years:

    It was Valentine's Day and I wasn't working and I was single with no plans. I didn't mind that I had no plans, I was annoyed that I had the night off but everyone else I knew were out on romantic dates and were all falling for the Valentine's Day Con. So I went to Blockbuster and rented the least romantic movies I could find: Terminator 2, Aliens and Hard Boiled. I gathered a ridiculous amount of snacks. Popcorn, Swedish Fish, Funyuns, Sour Patch Kids, Doritos, you name it. When I plopped it all down on the counter the guy looked at my movie selections, smiled, nodded and packed up all my snacks and gave them to me for free and wished me a Happy Valentine's Day.

    Every year on VD I watch those three movies and gorge on snacks, so now it's one of my favorite holidays!