January 12, 2007

the average day

Virtually every single day.

Music: The Center Of The World by Bright Eyes


  1. Great story telling. I love both of your videos that compress a day into a few minutes,

    …and what a cool way to lace your shoes!

  2. thanks michael!

    i did realize starting this that i had already done a "compression video"; but my day has changed (somewhat) much since the last one, so i figured i'd do another :]

    also, im glad you like my shoess :]]]

    thanks again -_-

  3. Will, this was awesome! I can guess by the title and the "virtually every single day" note that you find this repeatative typical day perhaps a little tedious. But you've characterized it beautifully. Nice editing, and great music choice.You really give the watcher a feel for the day.

    (and I like how your shoes got progressively more and more decorated!)

    Nice piece again!