July 4, 2006

fourth of july

We had our fourth on the third.

Music: Summer Breeze by The Isley Brothers.


  1. Family isn't always supportive of vlogging, that's for sure. So, I happened on to your site by way of your link to mine. My dashboard lets me know who's linking to my site. Anyway, I like your style. I'll keep watching! Cheers.

  2. Forgot to say this last time, but the last time I watched someone who posted in windows format rather than quicktime was the '05 project. Too bad it isn't '05 anymore.

    I just switched up the way I'm going to be posting future entries... oh woohoo, lol.

  3. I guess I could start converting my post into the Quicktime format, but in the conversion it tends to loose quality, which is the only reason I'm still sticking with the .wmv format... I'll try tweaking with some settings and maybe the Quicktime thing will work out (I do prefer the Quicktime player to Windows Media Player)... thanks for watching Eric.

  4. Too thin and no energy? Welcome to my life. I see that your love of vlogging isn't being well recieved. Don't worry, it happens to everyone.

    If you use a program called Stoik, you can convert wmv to avi using the Xvid codec. From there, just use Videora Ipod Converter and you shouldn't lose too much quality.

  5. That was worth waiting for! Definitely one of your better “early” posts.

    Ha! Your Grandmother said “ass”! :-)

    I’m glad she didn’t stick your camera up there, otherwise you wouldn't have been able to continue to develop your vlogging style, which has gotten better and better over time!