May 16, 2006

mothers day

Sunday was Mother's Day. Sunday I had to go to this little "party" my family was having, then I drove home (we live on the same road). Then I went on the computer, then we had to leave to go see RV and eat Chinese. Then we had to go to my great aunt's house and see her new house... we stayed there a while, then I finally got to go home (I really didn't feel like going anywhere that day).

This video is a little lenghty (around 15 min.) because of the huge amount I shot Sunday. Also, because I introduced you to new people, I added subtitles to let you know who everyone was. Ok... I think that about sums it up...

1 comment:

  1. Hi Will,

    I have just stumbled onto your vlog and I love it! I've only had time to look at the WalMart and Mother's Day pieces, but I think they're wonderful. Very cool. I don't know what you've got, but you've got something -- I'll have to watch more to put my finger on it, but keep up the good work!