January 16, 2006

golden corral

This video is based on the premise of Golden Corral's food giving you lumps and humps and being full of germs (hence the random coughing). I personally hate buffets (as you'll see in the video), and was inspired by that hatred to make this hard to swallow "documentary".

Music: My Humps by the Black Eyed Peas.


  1. this guy is a complete idio and had no idea what he's talking about, if u dont like buffets. then dont go...golden corral has good clean food and follow cleaning and sanitation procedures, they also serve food hot, and take measures to make sure the food remains fresh and with in its shelf life.....now why dont u get a life....

  2. Bill, I'm not an "idio"... I don't even know what that is... and I have a life, otherwise I wouldn't be alive.

    Anyway, the reason I made this video was because I was forced into going to Golden Corral and was bored- I figured it would be something different to make a video on. This video is biased on my hate of buffets so, if you like buffets, you may not particularly like this post- I convey buffets as grose and repulsive (or at least try to).

    Now, my main point in making this video was that (most of) their food is unhealthy... hence the song "My Humps"... that food will give you lumps... not that it was germy or dirty or grose or tastes bad or anything...

    I hope I answered any questions you may have had about the video... thanks for watching.

  3. Well you may have been bored and didn't want to be there, but do you realize how many peoples faces you filmed? Did you have their permission before you posted this video on the web? Did you have permission from the restaurant to film inside their facility? Do you realize that even the real press needs permission to film inside any public place? Obviously you are merely a immature little boy who has no regards for respecting those around him. First off, the Golden Corral is a very nice family resaurant with great food and great service. You had the camera...did you not notice how well kept everything was? I didn't see dirty floors or dirty food stations. All I saw was the mess you and your other "toddler" friends made on your table. As for the smell you claimed to have noticed when you walked in the door........It was your crappy attitude and cruel little "IDIO VIDEO"!!! I forwarded the link to this blog on to the CEO of Golden Corral. He may not think it is as funny as you did, Mr. Will Moore__On!!!.

  4. The only thing your "documentary" did was document how clean and well managed that particular Golden Corral was. In regards to your selection of music illustrating how the food at Golden Corral is unhealthy, perhaps you need to take a course in nutrition. Yes, there are some obviously unhealthy foods at the restaurant. However, as your "documentary" showed the restaurant has a salad bar that could rival the best salad bar buffets, serves a variety of freshly carved (non fried) meats, and also has an abundant selection of vegetables. Eating healthy is not rocket science. It is unfortunate that many restaurants do not offer truly healthy foods. Golden Corral, though, does have a great selection of healthy foods, while still allowing the consumer to decide if they are going to eat healthy or not. You may not like buffets and you may find them repulsive, but if you are going to make a video out of boredom and post it you should at least have a story line that coincides with the video.

  5. I do not know about the quality of the food at the restaurant, but I do know customer complaints at both corporate and local level leave a lot to be desired. Purchased a gift card for my parents as a Christmas gift. The manager at the Saratoga/wilton NY location assured me they would have it Christmas eve. Not so, they still do not have it, and calls to the corporate office were fruitless, as, according to the receptionist, everyone took the week off for the holidays. Website for corporate sys call them 24/7 to resolve complaints. Manager, Allen at same location says manager Lamb should never have taken my payment for a card, and he will not mail one out, but tell my elderly, infirmed parents to come out anytime since he is always there and he will "take care of" them. Excuse me, but must you be limited to a single golden corral with a gift card purchase? And must you be sure to eat the entire card's value in one visit? So far, no responding satisfactorily to complaint. Food may be good, but I do not intend to find out, cuz resolution of customer complaints stink!

  6. As a Golden Corral Employee, I am not happy with your little attitude problem. Look kid, hate on Buffets but not on GC. We offer items like Sugar Free Cakes and Cookies, We list some nutritional specs on some of our items. Golden Corral is not unhealthy in anyway, shape or form. Did you know that all our vegtables are steamed? Did you know that we usualy only have about 5-8 "fried" items on the bars at a time? Did you know we had supar free items? I do not think so, because you think "most of" our food is unhealthy. It is the people that choose to gorge their faces with food, that is unhealthy. Fast Food is unhealthy, not a buffet with over 100 selections. Do yourself a favor, and stop blogging. Situations like this can get you in huge trouble with the law. It is funny that you laughed at the guy that told you that he told the CEO. It wont be funny when you get a $500,000 law suite put in your lap, and yes I have done my research and am willing to persuit it. If I find out that you are bringing your camera in public places again, rest assure, I will tell their companies, and my own to be sure that you are dealt with.

    -Golden Corral Employee
    P.S I have this video saved. Along with some of your other illegal "documentaries"

  7. I really like what you have said on your blog very interesting. I found that most people love to visit Golden Corral especially in Great Steak buffet. I have also found out a very informative website that tells about more information on this restaurant – Golden Corral

  8. I ate at Golden Corral this morning. I asked the cook what kind of oil they were using to cook the omelets. She handed me the bottle and the first item on the ingredient list was partially hydrogenated vegetable oil. That's right. Golden Corral is serving TRANS-FAT to the unsuspecting public.

    I left in a hurry.

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